On tour

  • The new Album All it takes
  • New Video - All it takes
  • Marcus Deml Rock Guitar Workshop
  • Marcus Deml Signature Overdrive Padel Suite Elephant
  • All it takes - the Album
  • The Blue Poets Merchendise
  • Marcus Deml Guitar
  • Felix Dehmel drums
  • Gordon Gray vocal
  • Phil Steen Bass

ACHTUNG: Leider mussten alle für 2020 angekündigten Konzerte auf 2021 verlegt werden.

Die aktualisierten Tourdaten findet Ihr hier: http://www.thebluepoets.com/live


The new song "With your eyes" from the Blue Poets' debut album, directed by Nico Bizer.


The Blue Poets "Sunshine of your Love " live rehearsal for the upcoming tour dates


Marcus Deml performs a solo from the song "With your Eyes" from the new album.


The Blue Poets "Pretty Woman" live rehearsal for the upcoming tour dates

Marcus Deml playing solo over the Errorhead Classic "Alice has left the Building"

Marcus Deml plays "Temporary Impression" on his '63 Stratocaster using the Backing Track Pack

Live from the current tour: The Blue Poets perform "Alien Angel" from their new album.

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