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  • The new Album All it takes
  • New Video - All it takes
  • Marcus Deml Rock Guitar Workshop
  • Marcus Deml Signature Overdrive Padel Suite Elephant
  • All it takes - the Album
  • The Blue Poets Merchendise
  • Marcus Deml Guitar
  • Felix Dehmel drums
  • Gordon Gray vocal
  • Phil Steen Bass

ACHTUNG: Leider mussten alle für 2020 angekündigten Konzerte auf 2021 verlegt werden.

Die aktualisierten Tourdaten findet Ihr hier: http://www.thebluepoets.com/live

A little instrumental jam inspired by the late great Roy Buchanan.

Award winning guitarist extraordinaire and Errorhead Mastermind Marcus Deml introduces the debut of his new Bandproject „The Blue Poets“ — Blues driven Rock in the spirit of the 70“s full of soul and testosteron .

Great songs with strong hooks played by a great band, that unites the talents of their charismatic bandleader with the unique vocals of australian descent singer Gordon Grey, the Bass thunder of Bass Boss Markus Setzer and the powerdrumming of Felix Dehmel. „The Blue Poets“ are a must for every fan of Blues Rock and guitar driven music.

The Blue Poets The "THE BLUE POETS" debut album CD digipack with an exclusive 16 page booklet is now available at the triple coil music store 

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